Gay and Lesbian Family Law

Our firm has substantial experience representing LGBTQ clients in court and mediating LGBTQ domestic partner dissolutions, and in providing LGBTQ individuals with legal advice on a variety of issues. We are sensitive and knowledgeable about the unique issues LGBTQ individuals and their families may face in dissolution of marriage and custody matters, as well as in domestic partner dissolution matters. We can assist you in preparing financial and child custody agreements between domestic partners, as well as in terminating domestic partnerships through both mediation and traditional litigation. We assist clients by drafting a Power of Attorney that provides the non-biological parent of a child(ren) with the ability to take certain important actions on behalf of the child(ren). Finally, we draft donor insemination contracts. If you would like this firm's assistance with any of these issues, please call (520)322-9003 to make an appointment with one of this firm's attorneys.

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